Date Description
03/09/07 Browse Books by First Letters of the Title Added
03/09/07 Pressing Enter on Keyword Search Now Searches Correctly
03/09/07 Simple Search on Top Panel Changed to Keyword Search Only
03/08/07 Keyword Search Now Implemented With Wildcard Statements
03/08/07 Search by Title Now Implemented With Wildcard in Boolean Mode
03/08/07 Keyword Search Added that Searches Through All Fields
03/08/07 Reference Manual Added to Help Page
03/08/07 Paged Search Results Added with Ability to Sort by Title, Author Last Name, Category, ISBN, Year, and Copies Available
03/08/07 View Multiple Detailed Information for Books Added
03/08/07 Transaction Page Added
03/07/07 Reserve and Check Out Book (Admin only) Added
03/06/07 Admin Ability to Add and Modify Users Added
03/06/07 FAQ and Contact Page Added
03/05/07 Modify Book Added
03/04/07 Modify Profile Added
03/03/07 Full Text Seach Implemented on Title Searches
03/03/07 Errors Now Show Up Dynamically on Page
03/01/07 Add Book Page Added (Admins Only)
02/26/07 Domain Registered
02/25/07 User Login Scheme Implemented
02/24/07 Basic Search Function Implemented
02/19/07 Register Page Added
02/18/07 Google Ads Implemented to Generate Revenue
02/12/07 Initial Site Launch

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